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Monday, November 23, 2009

Something to get off my chest

Ok, this is not, nor will it be, ever, a gossip blog. There are way too many of them out there. But I feel I must address this whole Robsten (I hate that term) rumour that has been circulating since the whole Twilight phenomenon took hold. NOTE:This is my opinion, only, unless you share the same opinion.

It's a publicity stunt brought on by the studios, agents, publicists, etc. It's a way to guarantee that you will go see the movie. It's something that movie studios has been banking on since the dawn of films back in the early part of the last century. Pair up a good-looking leading couple, put them out in the public eye & start speculating that they may be a "real" couple off-screen, too. It's a way to keep something newsworthy. Remember, they did this back in June when Rob went off to New York to film "Remember Me" with newly-divorced, Emilie De Ravin. They, too, were supposedly an item.

All this weekend, I've seen countless interviews, shows, read articles, other blogs about the "alleged" togetherness of Kristen & Rob. When did it all start, etc. Yeah, there are pix, but they're paparazzi pix, taken & published when we (the public) do not know the context of such pix. For all we know, they are staged, to keep our mouths watering for more about them. Even the ones taken on cell phone cameras, I doubt. How do we know for sure that was a genuine fan snapping the pic or a paparzzo using his cell?? If we're interested in the "romance" then we'll go to see their movies. In interviews, even with other cast members of NM, the topic is quickly hushed up. Another ploy by the studio?? If fans are interested in what K & R are doing off-screen, let's keep it on the DL to garner more interest in the movie. Even "Twilight" director, Catherine Hardwicke, got into the whole "let's continue to fuel the rumour mill" by saying in an interview with Time Magazine, "
Yes I told Rob, Don't even think about having a romance with her after I cast him. She's under 18...I didn't want to be responsible for anything like that which ultimately, of course, happened. But anyway it was extremely intense right away."

Back in the spring when NM was filming, there were lots of pix of Kristen & Michael (Angarano, her boyfriend of 3 yrs) circulating. There pix of him giving her piggyback rides, shopping, smiling, etc. But shortly afterwards, those pix were pulled off websites. Remember, it doesn't look good for the studio if their leading lady isn't being photographed with the leading man. A boyfriend doesn't look good when you're fueling the rumour mill. Even at events where "Twilight" is featured, ie: awards, premiere, etc, Michael is not in the picture. Is he the gracious boyfriend, taking a step back for his girlfriend or a pawn in the Hollywood game?? When all this (Twilight) dies down, there will probably be stories of how they got back together, projects that he'll be working on, things will be happy again. But don't be looking for that anytime soon, "Eclipse" will be released this June and "Breaking Dawn" is still up in the air for filming.

Like I stated above, Hollywood studios have been doing these types of publicity stunts for almost a century. Back in the early days, the stars would be photographed together at functions and reported the next day on the gossip pages of newspapers nationwide. When the film wrapped up, so did their "romance" and the cycle would start all over again with a new "couple". Fast forward to today, the stars are now photographed by paparazzi and newspaper gossip pages are now tabloids & gossip websites. As long as we buy into it, we continue to play our role in the Hollywood game. Yes, we are playing the game, too.

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