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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Choices To Make

This is the 3 disc DVD from HMV

So, I'm out at the mall the other day when I happen into HMV. You can pre-order your advance copy of "New Moon" That's the easy part, that hard part: HMV is offering 3 different DVD's. For those of you who are Team Jacob, there's a 3 disc DVD for you. Prefer Team Edward?? You can get the Edward 3 disc DVD. The other DVD is the movie poster featuring all three, Edward, Bella & Jacob. So, now I have to decide which DVD to get. Probably the Team Edward & the one featuring all three. Then I'll go across the street to my Walmart and pick up another copy that they have with EXCLUSIVE footage from "Eclipse". Let's just say, on Mar 20 I'll be a busy gal getting these DVD's

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