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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kristen At the BAFTAS

BTW, Kristen did win an award this evening in the category she was nominated in.

The Orange Rising Star Award is the only BAFTA award that’s voted for by the public: what does it feel like to have such overwhelming support here in the UK?
It feels really good. Twilight really is a phenomenon and this is a tribute to that. And at the same time, I’m so proud to be part of a generation of people that are so good, you know, it’s really incredible. It’s nice to see a good crop.

Of the other Orange Rising Star Award nominees who do you most admire?
Oh man, I really can’t go there. Jesse Eisenberg is a good friend of mine and Carey this year just blew me away. And I don’t know if you’ve seen A Prophet, but that is an incredible movie. So that’s why I feel like we should all have gone up there.

What was the red carpet atmosphere like for you tonight?
I was really surprised because I’m used to showing up at Twilight premieres and the fans are screaming the names, and that’s to be expected. But not here at the BAFTAs, you know?! So that was surreal, and cool, at the same time. You know, they (the fans) even sort of knew their place a bit more, they were a little quieter and stuff.

So what’s new for you in 2010?
I have three movies coming out this year: ‘Welcome to the Reillys’, ‘’The Runaways’ and ‘Twilight Eclipse’ . We start shooting ‘Breaking Dawn’ in November, but I don’t have a job after that. Yet!

Time for a holiday then?

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