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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Ashes on DVD

Well, it's new release Tuesday and while I was out shopping at my local Walmart, picking up some cat food, I happened along to the entertainment section where I was looking for something new. Lo & behold, there was "Little Ashes" staring right back at me. It was released on DVD today in North America. Being an RPattz fan, I picked it up, not knowing what to expect with it. I mean, I did know some stuff about it from other blogs & YouTube.

Now, I have seen other works by Robert in between Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire & Twilight. I can't say I enjoyed them. GASP!! Not enjoyed something Rob filmed?? Yes, I did like "Bad Mother's Handbook" where he plays adorkable Daniel Gale, but I found "Haunted Airman" boring; "How to Be"...let's just say I wanted to smack Art upside the head for being so freakin' annoying. In "Ring of the Niebelungs" he's not a major character, but he does seem to do ok (maybe except that mullet of his).

I did enjoy "Little Ashes" While he does need to work on his Spanish accent a bit more, I found it to be a beautiful movie. A lot of people will focus on the relationship between Salvador Dali & Frederico Garcia Lorca as being on the homo-erotic side. I saw it as a beautiful relationship between 2 young men finding their way together in the midst of fascist Spain while at Art School. Sure they kiss a lot & show affection, but that's not the whole point of the movie, IMO. There was an underlying story with the onslaught of the Spanish Civil War where certain behaviors would have you sent to prison, writing poetry about freedom could have you executed. It was a story of 3 friends who met at school, who went on different paths that each other influenced in some way. It's not all about it being a gay movie. But I think I may spoiled some of the movie. It was a beautiful move. And I was surprised to hear Rob drop the F-bomb a few don't get that in the Twilight Saga (can you imagine?!)

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